Call for papers

13th Edition of Griffiths School of Management and IT Annual Conference | GSMAC 2023

Reimagining Capitalism in a Post-Globalization World

June 9, 2023 – Oradea, Romania

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In January of 2023, the World Economic Forum assembled world leaders and pundits in to answer the question “what does it mean to master the future?” This year’s meeting was held in the context of a global socioeconomic crisis and the feeling was that capitalism as we know it has to be reimagined. Surging energy prices, rampant inflation, armed conflict, and the threat of a trade war were but a few of the topics which were addressed. The issues discussed at Davos reveal that societies and economies worldwide are in search of transformational paradigms. Finally, global leaders gathered in Switzerland seemed to be searching for proactive socioeconomic models, instead of waiting in reactive mode.

In this global context, we dedicate the 13th edition of the GSMAC conference to the topic Reimagining Capitalism in a Post-Globalization World.  Although there are great benefits from reflecting on the past and learning from previous experiences, we believe real value lies in forward and innovative thinking. The COVID – 19 crises have accelerated the transformations initially brought on by technology and interconnectivity. Therefore, the global community has to come together and build a fairer and more prosperous world out of the current turmoil. Business research has to contribute in identifying concrete solutions to the social, economic, and technological challenges the world is facing.

We cordially invite global researchers and practitioners to share their findings, ideas, innovative concepts, and best practices on the topics of entrepreneurship technology and ethics. We welcome theory-based and empirical studies grounded in quantitative and qualitative methodologies as well as conceptual contributions. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Reimagining globalization and trade among nations
  • State intervention and trade policy
  • Talent attraction in the era of “Big Quit” and talent scarcity
  • Knowledge productivity and remote working
  • Job creation for the so called “useless” class.
  • Organizational culture and redesign for remote work and automation.
  • Engaging and managing different generations in the workplace?
  • Redundancies generated by technology in organizations, activities, processes.
  • Innovation and creativity in the era of machine intelligence.
  • AI utilization
  • Adaptation to geo-political turmoil.
  • The use of resources in the era of environmental protection.
  • New metrics of organizational performance.
  • Strategic response to the digital demands of consumers.
  • Reimagining business for the new age of retail – eCommerce, mCommerce, liveCommerce

Abstract submission:  March 1st, 2023
Full paper submission deadline:  May 1st, 2023
Notification of acceptance:  May 15th, 2023
Conference fee payment:  May 20th, 2023
Conference Date:  June 9th , 2023

Participation fee:  100 Euro/paper | PhD Students: 75 euro/paper
Conference Venue:  Emanuel University of Oradea | 87 Nufarului St., Oradea, Romania (on-site and online)